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Well I thought it was best to do an update on here seen as it's been 4 years since I did one.

A lot of things have happened, I Graduated Uni, I joined a Theatre Group called Black Cat Theatre, got a boyfriend who I've been with now for 2 years, still doing cosplays and recently I've been looking into having my Own Business and joined Linkedin as well.

My Blog is: http://kascosplay.blogspot.co.uk/

go check it out see what you think :)

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Well it's coming to that time of year again :D

we've just done our performance of "A year at Toad Hall" and to say it was a first production it was fairly good :) 

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Well what can i say except...Happy Holidays it's been quite dull though this year, the only good thing about it is that i got a few PS3 and Wii game from my brother :D so thank you Mark for that.

In 2 weeks time i can't believe it but i will be a quarter of a centry year old and i've been wondering where's the time gone? One good thing about January besides it being my birthday is that i get my student loan again which means it's that time of year again where i can start to buy things to make my cosplay ready for the London May Expo.

Recently i have also been doing a Jak and Daxter fanfic and hopefully i'll have the guts to put it up on here. Anyway for now this should be it hope to talk to you all soon

Hi everyone
Hi guys

well it's nearlly christmas and i thought i'd write a new journal of what i've been up to i'm still making my music videos on my youtube account and recently i've had ago at writing a Jak fanfic but i'm not sure how to post it online for people to read and tell me what they think of it, when i found out how to do it i hope people like it^^

Well in January i'm not only buy a new PC because my Laptops had it but i'll be starting my cosplays ready for the May Expo in London.

The two i'm wanting to do are Jak from "Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy" and the Witch of the Waste from "Howls Moving Castle" because i made Jak from Jak 2: Renegade i know roughly how to do him and of course i have a Daxter Plushie with me :D

Also what's happend recently is my final year at University i am however kind of worried about next year as i know what i want to do in life but i'm not 100% about what to do next year :S lets just hope it all works out ok

Quick update
Hi guys *waves* Here's just a quick update i've been quite busy the past few weeks.

First naturally was Expo i thought the Saturday wasn't as good as the Sunday due to the crowds and also it didn't help that my best friend was pick-pocketed >.<

I haven't been online for the past due to me being up in Scotland :D and i hadn't been up in 16 Years. i was staying in Glasgow where my Uncles live but we got chance to look around other parts of Scotland from Edinburgh to Ayr (pronoused air) and even the highlands.

I've only just got back but on Saturday i'm away again as i go to Great Yarmouth for two weeks but hopefully i'll have a new dongle for my laptop so then i can have the internet with me.

Because we've realised that the London Expo in October is going to be so busy me and my friends my not be going but with us not going i'm going to try and make my Lulu from Final Fantasy X cosplay for the May Expo and i may even be able to do Zack too :D

Well i noticed i hadn't done one since September so i thought i would give a quick update


Well i only have one more thing to do on my Zidane cosplay. In October i do have about 2 ideas that i'd like to do but i'm kinda torn between which one i want to do the most my 1st choice is Zack from Crisis Core and my other choice is Dark Jak from Jak II: Renegade.

well besides that nothing else really has happened. Some of the good things that happened since September 1st i finally got myself a PS3 but what has really made me happy is that not only did i win 1 but 2 of the rare Jak Statues. 1 was the Dark Jak figure from Jak 3 and the other was the bigger 1 from Jak 2.

i am looking foward to Expo it should be fun as usual. hope to see some of you there :D

Not long now
I can't wait not only is it nearly the London Expo but it's also nearly the Red Dwarf convention, which i haven't been to for nearly 2 to 3 years. The only thing i wish i could have afforded to make a cosplay for the Red Dwarf convention but sadly i couldn't afford to do one for that and the London Expo but hopefully i will be able to do it for next year.

Well this year for the London Expo i'll be cosplaying Ada Wong From Resident Evil 2 and Jak from the game Jak 2: Renegade. i did do Jak last year but i really enjoyed cosplaying him that i wanted to do him again this year. I haven't decided 100% what i want to for the May Expo but for the October Expo i am trying to make near enough everything for me to be able to cosplay Zack Fair from Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core.

I am happy that i got on my 2nd year at Hull University i noticed though yet again our uni seems to have started even later than last year. i hope i can get onto my last year but all i need to do really is just focus on my studies and i should be fine.


Well i have been thinking about my life and how i live it and i can quite honestly say i am happy ..... but when it comes to my health i think it could be improved. So what i have decided to do when uni starts i am going to try and improve my health through exercise and eating the right stuff more. i'll try and keep my journal on here up to date with my process and with any luck i'll like the end results

So excited
I'm so excited at the moment 1st is that my Ada Wong cosplay is nearlly finished, 2nd i'll be moving back to Hull for university and i will be living with two of my close friends and 3rd (this one i'm near enough squeeling about)  ont 1 but 2 of my fave games have new games coming out this year and there's only something like a month between them.

The 1st game is Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days for the DS which comes out on the 11th September here in the UK and the 2nd game which is another one i've been waiting like 2 years for is the Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontire which is suppose to come out on the 4th November but i think that is in the USA - oh well it's on the PSP so it's reigon free :D

So this year has got to be one of the best for me ^^

Hi everyone
Hi *waves*

This is my 1st journal entry on here *woop* some of you may think
"hang on this username seems familiar"
"Where have i heard it before?"

Well reason why that is, is because i use the similair name on DeviantART and Cosplay Island as well as Twitter, Even my Youtube name is quite close to it.

if you want to friend me on any of these then please by all means go ahead :D just message me which one you would like to know and i can give you my name and if you want if you have have an account on any of these sites then just tell me your name so i can find you ^^


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